Helpful iPhone Tips and tricks

For Apple iPhone Users

Listed below are some of the most common asked questions and helpful iPhone tips and tricks for all Apple iPhone devices such as iPhone 6, 7, 8 and the new models such as iPhone X max, X etc

Find my iPhone|Find my iPhone app

Apple’s unique ‘ Find my iPhone ‘ app allows you to locate any of your Apple devices including iPhone’s belonging to friends and family. This can now be achieved even if the Apple device is turned off.
To add an iPhone to ‘ Find my icloud ‘ simply click on this simple step by step guide.
Alternatively if you’ve lost your device or wish to locate it login to your icloud account now by clicking this link.

How To Unlock An iPhone

Unlocking an iPhone is not the same as unblocking. An unlock simply means that you can use the device with a different network carrier. For example if your iPhone is locked to EE, once unlocked it can be used with Vodafone, O2 or Three network.

Helpful iPhone Tips and Tricks on How To Unblock The iPhone

This is one of the more tricky helpful iPhone tips and tricks as many people get confused. In short, if your iPhone device has been blocked by the network provider, there is nothing that can be done!
If however you have locked yourself out via entering the wrong screen password too many times, there is a possible solution. Once the allocated attempts have been used up, Apple’s security will kick in & the device would have to be fully restored & resigned in via the original icloud account set up. This is why it is so important to back up data regularly via icloud. This ensures no sudden loss to your data, whether sentimental or routine.

How To Lock iPhone Screen

To lock your iPhone, simply press the Sleep/Wake button located on the right side of all iPhones from the iPhone 6 model upwards. Older models such as iPhone 5/5s & 4/4s have the sleep button located on top. Another option is to unlock your device is by pressing the home button, when the screen is blank i.e. in sleep mode.

How To Erase iPhone Safely

  1. Click on settings (from the home screen)
  2. Click the ‘ General ‘ tab.
  3. Scroll right to the bottom then click ‘Reset’.
  4. Now click the ‘ Erase All Content and Settings ‘ option.
  5. Then confirm by clicking ‘ Erase Now ‘.
  6. Lastly enter your Passcode & thats it! Your iPhone will now be erased.

How To Find Lost iPhone That Is Turned Off |Offline

Find My iPhone works even when the iPhone battery is dead or switched off. If you need to find and track a lost iPhone simply login it your icloud account and select ‘track the last location’.

How To Block Stolen iPhone With imei Number

Stolen phones are a common problem so its good to be prepared. Every phone has a unique imei number assigned to it, 15 digits long. The imei number is also located on the original box, so be sure to note it down somewhere safe. In the unfortunate event your iPhone gets lost/stolen use this same 15 digit imei number when contacting your network provider. This will allow them to put a block on the handset as well as the sim card.